JumpinGym USA -- Company Pofile
We launched our first family entertainment center (FEC) in June 1994. Being the largest and the most dominant operator in the family entertainment business in Hong Kong, we have already opened more than fifty shops located at nearly every corner in the territory. Besides, we are also planning to expand our entertainment centers overseas and various researches are currently conducted to identify and study potential markets for expansion.
- Our Business Philosophy
Our business philosophy is simple --- to provide and create customers-orientated entertainment services by integrating family entertainment, fun retailing, catering, and new emerging opportunities of today's rapidly expanding Internet world together.
Our corporate concept is explicit --- to identify and explore how the ever-changing environment creates new revenue generation sources by diversifying our existing business based on our already well-established and consolidated conventional family entertainment business, as well as our extensive marketing and distribution network.
- Our Traditional Family Entertainment Center
Since our opening in 1994, we aim at providing "High Value, Low Price" amusement services to the public. By visiting our FECs, customers can enjoy an unforgettable and memorable experience: more appealing and exciting games; more attractive and premium merchandises; highly-qualified customer services; and more comforatable and wholesome environment so that they are attracted to come back again and spend more.
To make our FECs more carnival and appealing to the public, special themes are specifically designed for most of our FECs to turn them as one of the most favorable places for the entire Hong Kong population to spend their leisure time.